Baking soda for hair care

Soda infusions with other ingredients are applied after washing with shampoo and then washed with warm water. By using the recipes with soda, not only will your hair become healthier, but it will also regain its shine.

Healthy curls are always silky. To improve their appearance and preserve their beauty for many years to come, it is necessary to adhere to a certain diet, to monitor the health of the body as a whole. The condition of the nervous system, the functioning of internal organs and proper regulation of metabolism directly affect the type of hair. But you also need external care. Here, too, soda plays an important role – the hair care products: prepared with it, are highly effective.

A soda rinse of fine and dry hair.

Dry and fine hair is characterized by lack of shine, brittleness and fragility. They are often subject to dandruff loss and formation. The main causes of dry hair are negative environmental factors and improper care. In order to achieve a therapeutic effect and improve the hair structure, it is recommended to use products containing sodium.

Prescription 1.

You will need:

  • chicken egg – 1 pc.;
  • vodka – 2 tbsp.;
  • soda – 1 tbsp.

Apply it to the hair along the entire length, massage, then rinse with warm water. This product is recommended to rinse the hair once a week.

Recipe 2:

  • chamomile decoction pharmacy – 250 ml;
  • nettle decoction – 250 ml;
  • ylang-ylang essential oil – 5 drops;
  • soda – 1 tbsp.

Use as hair shampoo or add to shampoo. This product is recommended to be used twice a week.

Soda for greasy hair care.

This type of hair is characterized by excessive oiliness, thinness, unhealthy greasy shine. Effective remedy from fatness of hair – vegetable decoctions with addition of soda. They deeply cleanse the scalp and prevent the rapid appearance of salinity.

You will need:

  • decoction of birch leaves – 250 ml;
  • mineral water – 250 ml;
  • soda – 1 tbsp.

Use as a hair shampoo or add to shampoo. Rinse hair with soda and birch leaves and mineral water is recommended once a week.

Effective masks with soda from hair loss.

The main causes of hair loss are negative environmental influences, endocrine and gastrointestinal disorders, vitamin deficiencies, frequent stress.

Effective hair masks with soda have a cleansing and restorative effect on hair only if they are made regularly – at least once a week for 2 months – and combined with natural shampoos and shampoos.

You will need:

  • turnip oil – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • lemon juice – 1 tbsp. l.;
  • bulb juice – 1h. l.;
  • egg yolk – 1 piece;
  • soda – 1 tbsp.

The resulting mixture is rubbed into the scalp, hold for 15 minutes, wash with warm water. This product is recommended to be used once a week.

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