How and how to repair damaged hair

Of course, treatment of weakened strands will take a long time, but if there is no time to wait, you can resort to express methods to hide the shortcomings.

Beautiful and healthy hair is the main decoration of every woman. But what to do if the hair is badly damaged: after experiments with colour or a bad visit to the salon they lost their shine, became dry and brittle? Professional hairdressers and stylists in this article shared their advice on how to restore very dry and damaged hair, disguise problems, preserving a fashionable image and emphasizing all the advantages of their face.

The main types of hair damage

First of all, you need to establish the type of hair damage and the scale of the problem. The future hairstyle will depend on it. For some hair problems, it is strongly recommended that you do not dry your hair with hot air or use certain styling products. All this must be considered in advance to facilitate the care of the haircut and help the recovery.

The main types of hair damage are:

  • Mechanical – if you use metal combs and coarse rubber bands, tighten, brush or comb hair too often, they will become brittle and start to split at the ends.
  • Thermal – it occurs at frequent heating (hairdryer, irons, dryers). Under the influence of hot air, the hair loses moisture, and with it, its elasticity becomes dull, split.
  • Chemical – appears as a result of the use of durable paints, after curling, straightening or discolouration. Too frequent or improper chemical influences on the hair lead to damage to the structure of the hair and it looks lifeless, dry, brittle and disobedient

How to repair very dry and badly damaged hair at home

Most women, faced with burnt or over-dried hair, are most afraid that they will have to say goodbye to the length and cut everything very short.

What do we do to hide the damaged hair? An experienced stylist will almost always be able to find an option that will keep the desired length and hide all the disadvantages. The type of haircut and the way it is laid out can create a miracle and turn brittle protruding strands into stylish chaos or neat curls.

Of course, most problems are easier to prevent than to repair badly damaged hair. Regular use of moisturizing masks, balms and rinses, as well as styling protection, helps to avoid excessive drying out and to maintain the elasticity and softness of the hair. But how do you repair damaged hair if your hair has deteriorated after curling or dyeing? Fortunately, it is possible to make even badly injured hair look well groomed and beautiful. To do this, you need to choose a haircut that will mask the disadvantages or play with them in a favourable light, or choose a good way of dyeing.

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