How do I moisturise different types of hair?

How to moisturize very dry hair

Specialists share the secret of moisturizing very dry hair with vegetable oil. They recommend combining it with other moisturizing ingredients such as kefir and honey. For such care take 0, 5 l of kefir, a teaspoon of honey and 1 tbsp of any vegetable oil. Apply the mass over the entire length of the strand, put on a polyethylene hat, wrap up with a towel, after half an hour wash everything off thoroughly.

Looking for a way to moisturize hair that has been weakened by heat? Famous for its powerful regenerating effect of wheat germ oil. You will need 2 tbsp of heated oil for the treatment, it should be applied to the hair along the entire length, paying special attention to the tips. Keep under the polyethylene for 20 minutes and wash the strands with warm water.

How quickly you can moisturize your hair at home.

Don’t know how to quickly moisturize your hair at home all the way through? To solve the cosmetic problem with excessive dryness of hair will help home masks.

How to moisturize your hair with folk products, represented by home masks based on natural ingredients? You can use the following recipes for homemade cosmetics.

The use of sour milk and kefir is one of the most effective methods to quickly moisturize your hair and give it back its attractive shine. Among all fermented dairy products, sour milk is the best for dry strands. The moistening process with sour milk or kefir is as follows:

1. In order to get all the useful properties of sour milk, it must be heated to 37C before it is applied to the strand.

2. Then it is necessary to apply this sour milk product abundantly on hair along its entire length, paying special attention to the tips. If the scalp is normal or oily, the sour milker does not need to be applied to it at all, start to process the strands from the middle of their length. In case of increased dryness of the scalp, the sourpuss should also be carefully applied to the roots.

3. Wrap the head with polyethene or put on a special hat, and put on a terry towel on top.

4. Hold the mask for half an hour and wash your hair with shampoo.

For deep moisturizing and nourishing the hair is also used the following mask: mix cognac, henna and honey – 1 tsp, with 1 tbsp. olive oil and one yolk. Apply the prepared mixture on the strand along the entire length, after 40 minutes wash off with water and shampoo.

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