How to effectively moisturise dry hair: folk remedies

Especially in summer, the strands become dry, as the sun’s rays and warm air have a detrimental effect on them. To improve the condition and appearance of curls, it is necessary to know several effective methods and means how to moisturise hair and nourish it with useful substances.

What and how to effectively moisturize your hair when it’s too dry?

Now in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market there is more variety of care products for dry and lifeless strands. However, it is known that most of them are made on the basis of unnatural substances, so these products can do more damage than good to the strands.

There are many popular and proven methods of moisturizing hair at home, so that it can be re-filled with vitality and attractiveness. To increase the elasticity of hair and eliminate its dryness, it is useful to apply such folk remedies and products as:

  • Vegetable and essential oils;
  • herbal infusions and decoctions;
  • home masks;
  • fermented milk products;
  • egg yolks;
  • honey

Fermented milk products, especially yoghurt and sour milk, are excellent for dealing with damage to hair caused by thermal and mechanical factors, as well as for preventing tip cross-section. Vegetable oils nourish the strands with basic nutrients and vitamins, improving their condition and ensuring a healthy appearance. Vegetable oils are also rich sources of unsaturated fatty acids, waxes and phospholipids that create a reliable lipid barrier to the scalp. For this purpose, most often used are turnip oil, olive oil, sea buckthorn oil and castor oil.

What and how to effectively moisturize your hair when it’s too dry? Products such as eggs, honey and gelatin are considered to be effective when strands are dry over their entire length, from root to tip. They provide protein, vitamins and amino acids to the scalp and hair, resulting in regenerative processes and maintaining the water balance of the scalp and hair along its entire length.

How nice to moisturise your hair with oils at home

Perhaps the most effective means of moisturising dry strands are vegetable oils. Let’s take a look at a few methods to moisturise your hair with oils.

They are best used as masks, as they cover the hairs well, smooth them out and close the pores through which the moisture evaporates. Oily strand owners are not recommended to rub oil into the scalp, as such actions will lead to increased release of sebum.

For the treatment of dry strands with the purpose of their deep moisturizing it is possible to use a lot of oils – olive, ginger, almond, wheat sprouts, linen. How to moisturise your hair at home with olive oil? It can be combined with ginger oil to achieve a higher effect. The procedure requires 15 ml of olive oil and 10 drops of ginger oil. Mix them and apply to slightly damp hairs, insulate your head and after 20 minutes wash off the oil with warm water and shampoo.

Another popular recipe is to moisturise dry hair at home using almond oil. It not only moisturizes hair perfectly, but also strengthens it and promotes growth.

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