How to moisturize your hair after dyeing and lightening

The use of chemicals has a devastating effect on the curls, especially they deteriorate after painting and clarification. For girls and women with unnatural strand colour, the question is how to moisturise hair after dying, because they become dry and lifeless.

Many girls use the following simple but effective banana mask to fully restore their hair after dying and melting:

  • Take a banana, turn it into a pulp;
  • add an egg yolk, 1 tsp honey and a tablespoon of olive oil to this mass;
  • mix all the components thoroughly, apply the whole length of the strand, wrap the head with polyethene, and after half an hour wash off with warm water

The use of kefir is a good way to moisturise your hair after it has been lightened. For the procedure you need 200 ml of kefir, as additional components, you can use any of these means:

  • a couple of drops of ylang-ylang or pine oil;
  • juice from one aloe leaf;
  • 1 p.m. of marigold alcoholic tincture – this component is suitable for those with oily roots;
  • a tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil

How else to moisturise coloured or lightened hair

How to moisturise coloured hair with greasy kefir? Kefir before use to heat up, add one of the selected components, mix thoroughly, richly moisturise buckles along the entire length. Keep the mask for half an hour, wash your hair with water and shampoo. Kefir and sour milk is not recommended for moisturising coloured strands, as these sour milk products wash off the paint.

There are other ways to moisturise your blonde hair from the comfort of your home. Each time you wash your hair, you can apply vegetable oils on the strands along the entire length of your hair.

How to moisturize thickened hair at home

In recent years, girls who dream of long curls but are unable to grow them have turned to beauty salons for a service such as a strand extension. Owners of such hair should know how to moisturise the thickened hair because they need special care. Do these strands really need moisturizing products and procedures? It is important to know that each hair is powered by a follicle, so you can only apply moisturizer to the roots.

Specialists warn girls that masks cannot be applied on the strand along the entire length, there is no benefit from such actions, but the harm from such actions can be. In addition, it is important to avoid masks on the hair fastening area. It is forbidden to use home remedies with aggressive components such as sour fruit juices, mustard powder, red pepper, alcoholic tinctures.

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