Means to restore very thin and damaged hair

VitaTermale is a hot procedure for total hair restoration after using best shampoo for thinning hair. During the ritual, in addition to improving the external characteristics of the hair, it replenishes the main components of human hair at all levels.
Proteins, moisturizing ingredients, fats and oils help to restore the balance of keratin, lipids and water that make up the hair.

How to repair very dry and damaged hair with VitaTermale:

  • Wash your hair twice with shampoo, dry it 80% so it stays wet.
  • Make a cocktail. Mix the mixture thoroughly and apply it to the hair, starting from the lower occipital area and retreating 1-2 cm from the roots.
  • Dry the hair until it’s dry, comb it, treat it with an infrared iron.

You can not only repair badly damaged hair at home in conditions but also give it an unprecedented volume. To do this, you will need a special comb Wet Brush.

  1. Before you start styling, for additional protection of your hair from thermal influences, treat your Osmo Thermal Defense hair and dry it well and brush it with a Wet Brush comb.
  2. Separating with samples no more than 1 cm wide, work the strands with corrugated tongs.
  3. Starting from the lower occipital area, gently comb each strand after strand, forming the future volume and fixing with Osmo Extreme Extra Firm dry varnish.
  4. Distribute the hair from the frontal parietal area with a Wet Brush comb depending on the desired result, fix it with a dry lacquer and apply Osmo Blin ding Shine Illumi nating Finisher for extra shine.

Hairdoes for damaged hair.

The following hairstyles can be done for children and adults with damaged hair.

  1. Divide your hair into five parts. Secure each strand. Apply dry styling spray and volume spray to the root zone.
  2. Use forceps to tighten the large curls. Secure each curl with pinch pins and let it cool down.
  3. Weave some strands of French braid loose.
  4. Mix the ready braid with a little carelessness. And twist the loose strands with pliers.


  1. Divide your hair into five equal strands. Secure each strand with a hair clip. Make a light root of the hair. In the area of the bangs we make the hair stronger, but so that it is not noticeable.
  2. Use hair tongs to wrap each strand from each zone in a curl.
  3. Weave a French braid, some strands on your face, leaving you free.
  4. The braid should be stirred up and the strands at the face should be tightened with pliers. Fix your hair with varnish.

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