Ways of dyeing hair with damaged structure

How do you repair dry and damaged hair if you get “straw” on your head after it has been lightened or coloured – hard, brittle, protruding strands that cannot be given a decent look or styled? What to do if you can’t hide it too? Do not try to achieve the impossible, let the problem works for you.

If the goal is to keep the length of the hair, it is possible to disguise it by dyeing the damaged hair structure in the “omber” technique. Even burnt strands look exquisite and fashionable. Hair is cut just below the shoulders (with a very torn or heavy cut, depending on the quality and condition) and the ends are tinted. Now it is enough to twist them slightly and ruffle the curls and – you get an ultra-fashionable grunge hairstyle, in which even the most spoiled hair looks natural and stylish.

Another way of dyeing damaged hair is with Smart technology. By resorting to such tinting, you not only get a trendy colour but also improve your curls. And the result will be quite stable.

Spray the hair with Osmo Berber Oil Light Radiance Spray with Argan Oil. Leave it for 5-10 minutes to allow it to soak in. Then remove any excess towel spray.

Apply Osmo Wonder 10 Body Butter to the root area using an applicator. The layer of Osmo Wonder 10 Body Butter should be visible on the skin. Do not rub.

Perform the dyeing procedure with the colourism dye from a rainbow. Add 1-2 drops of Barber Oil hair treatment with Argan oil to the paint bowl. Mix thoroughly and apply to the hair.

Cleanse the scalp by rinsing off any dye residues thoroughly. Use Osmo’s Color Save Shampoo, a non-sculptured, non-sculptured shampoo for coloured hair. Repeat the washing procedure 2-3 times.

Dry your washed hair with a towel. Apply Color Revive Laminating Cream-Keratin to your hair, choosing the shade we need. Dwell time on your hair is 3-10 minutes, depending on the desired saturation. Rinse off with water.

Apply a cocktail of two Osmo 1:1 mask on washed and towel-dried hair: Intense deep repair mask and Colour Save Vibrance mask, previously mixed in a bowl. Apply with a brush and comb. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with water.

Spray the towel-dried hair and hair dryer with brushing to create an extreme volume root lifter. Dry your hair to a dry state.

Iron at 200°C, smooth out/straighten the hair. Under the influence of heat, the products applied to the hair create the effect of lamination and imprinting of dyeing pigment, preventing it from being washed out quickly. Do the laying. The result of repairing damaged hair with Smart dyeing will make you happy for two months!

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